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A hub for the community

Ellen volunteers at Centrepoint cafe, a community hub bringing people from all backgrounds and cultures together
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Ellen, behind the counter of the Centrepoint Cafe

“I’ve lived in Gowkthrapple for 25 years and during that time I’ve seen how the area has changed. In the past it’s had its problems with people leaving but now people are staying and building families. At the heart of this is Centrepoint. Since opening, it’s brought people from all backgrounds and cultures together. Now the only reason houses are empty is because people are coming here each day!

“I volunteer in the Centrepoint café three days a week and love being able to speak to the customers. I’ve also completed training courses that have given me new skills. Recently I was asked to give a speech at the University of the West of Scotland about my experience of volunteering. This in turn gave me the confidence to apply to study Community Education.

“Volunteering has been the making of me. My involvement first began in 2009 when I became a member of the Garrion People’s Steering group. There were six of us at the time and since then we’ve grown to a membership of 29 volunteers, now known as the GOLD group. I first got involved not long after I got custody of my two grandsons. Being part of the group brought me out of my shell and allowed me to play a small part in improving opportunities for both my family and the local community.

“Centrepoint is a huge part of my life and has given me opportunities I never thought possible. Like me, my grandsons are also here most days benefiting from a range of youth activities. I can’t imagine it not being here now.”

Centrepoint opened in 2011 part funded with a £835,000 award from our Growing Community Assets fund. The Community Hub is run by Garrion People’s Housing Co-Operative. The centre includes a community café, shop, meeting rooms, shared office space and multi-purpose rooms for clubs and activities.