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Granaghan and District Women’s Group

Improving people’s health and well-being
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Granaghan and District Women’s Group are using their People and Communities grant to run activities that improve people’s health and well-being, bring people together, and build up skills. This includes healthy cooking, vegetable growing, mindfulness, first aid training, day trips, and celebration events.

They are a small group but they’re able to make a big impact because they use the strengths of the community around them and make sure their activities are tailored to the people who will be taking part.

How are they People Led?

Before applying for their grant, Granaghan and District Women’s Group carried out a survey of the local community and asked what services they would like and what would be the best way to deliver them. Over 100 people responded. The group also had face to face discussions to get further insight into what would work best for the people using these services.

Deirdre Bradley, one of the group’s organisers, explains why they put people in the lead of their activities: “People appreciate being asked what they want, and being asked to help out. They feel a part of the group and that the project belongs to them. We are a friendly welcoming group, we work in the community, with the community, for the community.”



How are they Connected?

Granaghan and District Women’s Group have been directly involved in the foundation of many of the groups that use their services, including Pilates and yoga groups, and a support group for parents and carers of people with learning disabilities. Because of this, they have a really good understanding of what groups there are in the area and can make sure they link up with them for activities and support.

Their strong community links means they can make the most of the facilities available in the area. For example, they can use the local school or the local GAA club free of charge which allows them to use a larger portion of their funding to run activities instead of having to pay for venue hire.

How are they Strengths Based?

Granaghan and District Women’s Group do not have any paid staff – they are run entirely by volunteers from the local community, and they invest in training and support for those volunteers rather than replacing them with paid staff. All of the money raised by the group goes straight back into the community.

The women who run the group are from all sorts of backgrounds. They’re able to bring all sorts of skills to the table when they’re working with local people and use them to deliver the activities the community has asked for.