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Power to the young and working class
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Reclaim is ambitiously striving to make sure that tomorrow’s business, political and cultural leaders are as likely to come from places like Salford as Eton.

The group offers training and networking opportunities to teenagers and young adults from working class communities in Manchester who have a burning desire to drive social change and build a better world.

With class prejudice as rife as ever and a working class presence in UK leadership roles rapidly disappearing, Reclaim was awarded £300,000 from Big Lottery Fund’s Reaching Communities in 2012 to allow the group to run life-changing programmes for engaged young people from 12-years-old at risk of being disenfranchised simply because of their class and lack of opportunity.

Reclaim’s programmes work in a unique way to build confidence, resilience and social skills in these potential young leaders by putting them in the lead in driving improvements and affecting positive change in their local areas and communities.

Using the skills they are taught by Reclaim in campaigning, activism and public speaking, they are connected with influential decision-makers to work to change policy areas they have identified.

The project aims to encourage young people to think critically about traditional leadership models and power structures and how they may change for the better to allow for greater social inclusivity.

“If life feels unfair, we help young people work out what they need to do to start balancing the scales back in their favour. We encourage young people to think critically and independently and challenge their inherited truths,” says the group’s website.