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Project activities

The tasks, actions or services that will take place
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Project activities:

  • specify what will be done, how it will be done, who will do it and when in order to achieve your outcomes
  • form the main content of your project planning
  • determine the resources and budget that you need to run your project.

Having identified the changes you want to achieve, you can now plan how to make them happen. Activities will bring about the changes that your project will deliver. They are the core of the project planning process, setting out what will happen, how it will happen, who will do it and when. They should be the most appropriate and effective way to address the need(s) that the project is addressing.

Activities are best described using words of action to describe what those working on the project will actually do, such as: to provide, run, organise, or produce.

At the initial planning stage of a project (for example when you are using the planning triangle), activities are best identified at a broad level by considering how best to achieve the outcomes, before moving on to specify activity levels and timescales.

When you get to the detailed project planning stage (for example before you prepare your application for funding), the activities should be specific and measurable, so rather than simply stating "talks at the community centre", you should specify something like "one talk at the community centre each month for two years, each attracting an average of 30 young people".

The more specific the activities are, the more accurate you will be able to be in setting your budget and planning your resources.

Activities - key points checklist

  • Does each activity have a direct link to one or more of your outcomes?
  • Have you used words of action to describe your activities?
  • From your activities, can you develop a project plan showing what you will do, how and by when in order to achieve the outcomes?