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Tracking project progress

Demonstrating the change your project achieves
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When planning your project, you need to work out how you will show the change your project is achieving over time.

There are two key steps to this process:

  • understanding and identifying the signs of change (using indicators)
  • measuring the extent of change that is happening (tracking progress)


Why is tracking progress important?

Tracking project progress will help you to:

  • know if your project is making the difference you intended
  • understand what's working and what isn't and help you make changes to your project, if you need to
  • track progress and provide information to your funder(s)
  • learn from your project.

At the Big Lottery Fund we are interested in understanding how much overall change or improvement will result from funding a particular project.

Read our Guidance on indicators and Guidance on monitoring.


Tracking progress - key points checklist

  • Have you identified at least one indicator for each outcome?
  • Do your indicators describe the signs that will tell you if a change is happening?
  • Have you described the scale or level of the change you wish to achieve at key points during the project, and by the end of the project?
  • What methods will you use to track your indicators?
  • How do you know if this is the most appropriate way to collect information?
  • Are your indicators realistic?